Sri Lanka – Must Do’s

I shall move here!

Everyone develops the Lankan fever from the Lankan hospitality… My favorite place in the world!

Ok so here we go:



Anywhere you can get it, hot and with warm milk




for surfing! Book with Cantaloupe Hotels


House of Fashion Outlet Mall

The dollar won’t be to 136 SL-Rupees forever so hit this high quality outlet mall that is one of the most economical in the world



A bar with great pop music of the last few generations and the good songs actually last more than 10 seconds


Hilton Colombo Residences

This hotel is for bigger groups and longer stays… But it won’t stop me from listing it as my favorite for it’s ridiculously awesome service and the best Sri Lankan food I’ve tasted (way to go Chef Sesha) okay!!! judge me, as this may be one of the few touristy-like places I recommend, nevertheless best experience at this hotel.

Help The Charity Committee

A group of five ladies very active with humanitarian work. This is a great foundation and if you have time it never fails to make you feel helpful to get to know a group like this. Give them a call see what their facing, ask if you can help for a day or two or just learn about what is going on.

Sri Pada Adams Peak (1)Adam’s Peak

See trip advisor for this. Always wanted to do it, never did, but I hear it’s one of the funner things to do. Need to be physical fit for this

dsc_2489Waterfalls at Horton Plaines/Ella

Just fall in love… Just do it… Right now! Right now!!

sri lankan food 2

Raja Bojun Restaurant

So there were a couple places on trip advisor, lonely planet that suggested and re suggested the same other places, however this place not on the trip guides is ranked #1 by locals… It did not disappoint. Be prepped for real Sri Lankan food and real Sri Lankan spice.

For a tempting guide pick up the #1 travel magazine called, Trippin Sri Lanka (edited by my darling cousin, Amrita Advani)


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