Chicago – Pizza and Cupcakes

It’s been awhile since I’ve found a noteworthy food place since .. . since, .. eh well like I said, it’s been awhile. Walked into CoalFire expecting something good, especially since I was in tarnished mood that night, and here are where my expectations landed.



Order any Italian wine, grab a bottle if you are the type. I did a glass only cause Snobby Blogger is a light-weight. You’ll need alcohol especially after the wait outside during the colder months. Strictly no reservations here, although there is a loop-hole. If you decide to bring a big group (say 12+ people) give them a call a day ahead once you are positively sure you have time-committed friends who will show up for what is some of the best pizza I’ve found in Chicago, Like what-pizza-should-really-taste-like-pizza, None of that deep dish non-substantial might as well eat soggy stacked sliced bread and tomato sauce cr**. -Just kidding Chicagoans … don’t hate me.



If you are here for the first time and don’t see yourself coming back to Chicago for awhile, get the best of two pizzas (Pepperoni Ricotta and Margherita) ask for the Margherita Pizza but specially request for Ricotta Cheese on it.


After you scarf down your Pizza, chase Jeff for one of the cupcakes, Creme Brûlée was my favorite. Actually, I change my mind, Start out with Jeff, and have him decide which pizza & wine to bring out for you, (probably some of the best customer service experience in my life was Jeff. Ask him to sing Miss Saigon songs – inside joke) tell him you want to be surprised and he will tailor your menu.

Oh and These Pizza makers sure know how to network, cause their cupcakes are from the famous Chicago food truck, Chicago Cupcake. These babies seal the deal.


Coalfire is my holiday and special occasion destination and it’s even better with Jeff. They get busy as bees but they always make time to be present for you. Pizza with heart and Pizza with cupcakes.

Chicago – Pizza and Cupcakes


1321 W. Grand Ave. Chicago IL 60642

312 226 2625

Closed Mondays

Open 4PM-10PM Tuesdays

12PM-10PM Most Days

For more hidden gems, foodie finds, or closed on Monday restaurants around the world or in Chicago click one more time on


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