South Bend – Oh South Bend

Another article about an amazing travel experience. The best ways to see a place is go half tourist and half local. I got to thankfully do that by getting hired by the Civic Theatre in Miss Saigon. While doing that I couldn’t resist but crash course the best experiences in this town. Here they are.IMG_2315

South Bend Civic Theatre

Work part time at this Theatre. People here are magnificent and there is no where better you can really get to know them first hand as an outsider than at this Theatre. Take a crash course in acting, audition for a show or volunteer as crew or usher.

Chickory Cafe

I dream about the the F******* good Beignets at Chickory. Also a great spot for live music at certain times. A good work area with wifi, stay by the window for natural lighting. Their coffee is quality for America. Get the Red Eye which is coffee with an additional shot of Espresso. And its a quicker brunch option than Le Peep across the street (Sorry Le Peep, different market I know you will get an article from me soon). And you will run into one of my friends

Uptown Kitchen

This baby is up north, technically in Granger, but with the necessity of your own vehicle in South Bend you might as well drive to Granger, where all the “richies” are they say. This restaurant has breakfast/brunch everyday and for brunch, it actually has very tasty well made dishes. Most brunch places are more fattening and cliche than they are delicious this place makes a great go to. Get their Lavazza coffee in their espresso cup not in the large one. Trust me on this.


Grotto and Notredame

This place deserves another article to itself, but till then, you have to experience this solemn peaceful spot. Stop and pray and light a candle and honor those who believe in this practice. There is an energy in this place that comforts you. While here take pictures of Notredame campus, and the cancer tree, and the Basilica.

Crooked Ewe

I was thoroughly impressed at how much of beer snobs they were that they actually served wine in a tea cup! I love it and it becomes pretty much self explanatory when you start off with that. Food is amazing, Kate the server is my favorite and I am going to drive back for just the beer oh and their savory wine in the cup too.


This restaurant probably was one reason why one of my best friends on his weekend trip to come see my show decided to then pack up shop in Chicago and move to South Bend. They served a burger wrapped in the South Bend Tribune paper, this absolutely gorgeous guy with a long nose played the fiddle like he was playing (fill in the blank – cause I can’t find the word) and you randomly got up and danced to live Irish music.

The Chocolate Cafe

For their Muffins and just so you can say I went to the Chocolate Cafe.

Cafe Navarre

Go in and sit at the bar for a glass of wine. This is a nice fine dining restaurant and during the day it the perfect place to kick back. Dress up or down and whether you come feeling icky or triumphant, Cafe Navarre just makes your feel good the moment you sit down.


Gigi’s Cupcakes

If you are craving cupcakes this place actually is pretty darn good. This is for those “Must have a cupcake” people out there.


The Candy Store

My stage kid swears by this place and for adults without a sweet tooth it is a house with so much character. It feels like you are walking into that old witch lady’s house in Hansel and Gretel.



Even if you dont order anything which is pointless cause you will want to stay, stare up at the facade and take in the wooden beauty of this place. it is a great place to order Whiskey cause it feels like you are in a corrugated barrel. There is a strong smell of is it  Oak?… as you enter and the servers were very attentive to our group of 30.


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