Athens, Greece -Archeologist Historian Tour

George Kokkos is now a personal friend. Prior to that, I met George on one of his tours of Athens. I must have lost my touch while in Greece as it took me the whole morning to scout a tour to my taste… But I found George. I am glad I did. He takes a little getting used to, and you will know what I mean when you meet him. However if you are not an avid traveler or generally open minded then try googling another tour.  So as thoroughly but as sweetly as I can put it, this is my Athens/George in a day:


George is…

  • A Graduate of Ancient History and Archaeology in Britain and in Greece.
  • An Archeologist who has taken part in various excavations in Athens and in other archaeological sites around the country.
  • A Historian who specializes in Graeco-Roman History, particularly ancient greek philosophy and military history.
  • A Continuing Student focusing on the birth & development of the Athenian Democracy and how this affected the creation of modern republics

My George Take Away…

  • I was incredibly unarguably fascinated by his stories. He enchants you with the Battle Of Marathon and how the word/brand Nike was coined. It’s actually a Greek word that means victory, and is related to one of the men at the Battle of Marathon who after running 41.6 km yelled that out and died.
  • You will learn how democracies rise and fall, and how the society follows a strange pattern. You will come to appreciate the role of the people.
  • So not to spoil it, book your tour with George at


Sites are…

  • Gate of Hadrian & Temple of Zeus
  • Zappeion
  • Parliament& Syntagma Square
  • Ermou st.
  • Athens cathedral
  • Monastiraki
  • Library of Hadrian
  • Roman Agora & Athenian Agora
  • Mars Hill
  • Odeion of Herod
  • Theatre of DionysusThe Take A Wa



The One Place To Eat…

Klepsidra Cafe

  • Thrasivoulou 9 | Plaka, Athens, Greece
  • Order the fish, if they have any fresh
  • And the Fredo Cappuccino is a must!




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