Missouri – The Doctor In The Ozarks


Chronic Pain, nothing like these two words to make you feel like your aging dog years. In October 2015 I injured my back working out (the lazy way). I was pressed for time and decided to skip the gym and just use whatever was in the general vicinity as weight. My 35lbs make up box (it’s got sparkles on it) i snatched over my head, the handle wobbled, the entire box with all the loose content inside shifted the whole item off alignment and I pulled a muscle. Eh no biggie, I thought, Ive pulled those here and there dancing and they’ve always healed. To expedite the healing I decided to go to a chiropractor. And not a very good one I realized. The pain became worse, and I was burning through my bank account even with insurance. It’s been 8 months and I’ve weeded out several doctors (Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Orthos, PCPS, PTs, Neuros, Rolfers, Massage Therapists) to help me to no avail. Ugh! One of the more frustrating things in the medical field is when you know no more than the expert you are paying.


So! somehow, I found this “doctor” online (the internet – not a red flag at all) another chiropractor who seemed to preach the exact sentiments I’ve been expressing to my medical smorgasbord about desperately needing an exit strategy and even an appropriate diagnosis. I say appropriate because they say its just “Back Pain.” That is what you say so insurance will cover your claim. I use it a lot as a nurse, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I know the Etiology of the pain.  I will give myself a disclaimer as the claims this NEW promising doctor is making seems too good to be true. And he’s up in the Ozarks! Right smack in the middle of nowhere. His website says, “don’t trust your GPS in the area” Hah! The scary movies of the 90’s (which is back when my stomach could tolerate scary movies) not coming to mind at all. Im now trying to shut off the eerie music playing in my vestibu-choclear canal.  However, his site is one that is thorough, backed by a good medical sense, that I can vouch for. The phone calls I’ve made and the testimonials online seem consistent with other bits and pieces of information he’s put out. He also seems like a smart guy and by smart…. The following scenario is the opposite of smart. “YOU: Doc, it 8 months later, it still hurts just the same way it did 8 months ago, and I’ve done everything you told me to do, what is wrong ? DOC: Oh well, keep trying what Ive told you to do”


Russell Shierling talks about Scar Tissue Remodeling, as far as I can gather it is getting rid of the non life threatening but ever annoying  fascial adhesions that build over an injury. These adhesions can’t be detected by radiology thus my X-rays are negative, MRIs are negative blah blah blah. And Because it is innervated by numerous wonky nerves (nociceptors) this is one of the reasons it remains to be a sensitive area. So he will break up these adhesions give the area a fresh start and then make sure you maintain the area by stretching numerous sets in a day for the first week. Interestingly enough, my better PTs only tell me to do a max of two sets a day, some PTs don’t tell me to work on my own at all. This is the agony of an honor student – when you want homework but they won’t freaking give you any! He also tells you to supplement to heal faster. I am attracted by logic and that is simply logic! Gosh I could make out with logic. Okay enough on my logos crush. That, and, nothing else has worked. And I’m tired of medical practitioners telling me “it should”. Plus it also is quite of an adventure.

Screenshot 2016-05-09 20.44.28


I flew in, rented the car, rode 2 hours to the area. There is one steak house, a pizza place and a coffee shop in the vicinity. Today I was suppose to hike the Current River area, but lazing in bed away from giddy activity seemed far more appealing. I had fun GOT viewing with guests over last night and not many know but I could cry tears of joy when I have my much needed alone time. Sigh. (Sorry James, really didn’t mean to cancel … again) Okay so I have to be at the clinic by 6AM tomorrow. Then the rest of the day is free flowing with the stretching in between… and Then back to Chicago. Lets see.

If you want to look him up… http://www.doctorshierling.com


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