Chicago – High Five Ramen – (The Green Street Trio)

This is a place you’d want to come back to to entertain guests, because the vibe is sooo cool and you have three establishments back to back, an underground ramen place, a pulled pork place, and a champagne resto place… So


High Five Ramen

Ramen is not bad, but ambience is exciting
Underground, shady look-ish entrance
Receptionist yourself – put yourself on the wait list
16 bar stools Only – just be prepped to sit close
Come with one other person ONLY as bar stools get annoying with more than one companion
East Indians as customers (yes among other ethnicities but they’re high in a 16 capacity ratio and your indicator that this is a tasty restaurant

ย and possibly a spicy one ๐Ÿ™‚
Get Shoyu Ramen
Stacey is hot! … The waitress … And she’s got spunk


Green Street Smoked Meats

Sit outside if not winter
Get used to long line … Possibly
Come with big group of friends

RM Champagne

My friend Gene Blair II likes this place and say yes their doughnuts are to die for… And he’s hard to please… He remembers everything, he’s particular, so go for the pastries and the ambience is sooo European. Try to forget the commercialism of it and pretend you’re NOT in America… It works ๐Ÿ™‚



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