Chicago – Brunch Places

People love brunch and so do I, and I love it even more when it’s the kind you crave for, satisfy, and then crave for again…

Like the rest of the blogs I will only feature the ridiculously delicious brunch places … The head turners of establishments, the ones you just have to come back to for more… Not for tourists not for locals but to touch the souls of snobby eaters everywhere…



The Benedict
The Ordinary

Ema is an excellent host
They have Beergaritas
And other delicious cocktails
Wait isn’t like the common 3-hr Wild Berry style
Each dish is a balance of salty, sweet and spicy

– thanks for the recommend Ben

DSC_0288 DSC_0289

Batter & Berries
Lincoln Park

Chicken and Waffles
Super Flight

Go on a Sunday where the owner cooks
Go early … Here the wait can go up to “3 hours”

– thanks for the recommend Marco



Manolo’s Tacos
Maxwell Street Market (Sundays Only)
Des Plaines and Polk

Steak Quesadilla with Cilantro and Onion
Ilote – this is the stall over


Head south on Des Plaines after hitting the Polk intersection and walk till you see the Taco stands, look for the sign that says “Manolo’s Tacos”
Monica and her family are awesome and very accommodating
The line is shorter here than the rest of the stalls but ironically they have better tacos compared to the well “marketed” one a few stalls down
Ask for grilled onions on the side
Cash only
Park on Jefferson and walk or Uber it

– thanks for the recommend Ron

Still to review…

RM Champagne

Two Sparrows




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