Chicago – India Town Restaurant Hopping

My next door neighbor is a picky eater. He’s Indian like me… heck now that I think about it, most Indians are picky eaters. So I have decided to scout places with him on Devon and compile a list of favorite spots one can hop from one to another and try at least one dish before they move on to the next. Plus this list is in geographical order beginning from the west side of Devon Street allowing you to work your way East. Before you begin, bring cash, ATM card, and an empty stomach.




Annapurna Vegetarian Indian

Pav Baji

Pani Puri

Aloo Tiki Chat

(thank you best friend Resha)


Delhi Darbar

Masala Papadum

Masala Chai

(thank you guy I dated back in college)



Udupi Palace

Idli and Sambar

Ravai Dosa

Masala Dosa

Mysore Coffee

(thank you word of mouth, and curiosity for good coffee)


Sabri Nihari

Fish Curry

(thank you to the Sindhi in me, and Ron Salazar)




Hyderabad House

Chicken Biryani (eat half, then take to go)

(Thank you again Bhaskar, and the random taxi cab driver that vouch for this place)



Clifton Grill

Lamb Chops

Chicken Karahi

(thank you Pakistani food buddy Amber)



Ghareeb Nawaz

Veggie Thali

Chili Chicken

Chicken Biryani

(thank you Christina Tham, Vietnamese-Chinese nursing buddy who grew up in India. Bhaskar not a fan of this place for popular reasons, but I still am…)







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