Chicago – The Famous Sze Chuan Place

Lao Sze Chuan

The line to this place sometimes stretches over an hour so try to make a weeknight to reduce wait time. In Chicago, this is my Go-To place. Many know of it, but to get service and food the way you really should continue reading…


What to order


Dry Chili Chicken

Their specialty, best with steam rice

Hot Pot

Ask for half and half and pick your add ons, it may be too much to do the unlimited package, so just pick lamb, black mushrooms, fish and napa cabbage. Make sure they give the following sauces and garnishes: shrimp paste, peanut sauce, garlic sauce, black chili sauce in oil, cilantro, stem onions. Don’t missany, insist you get it this way.


Salt and Pepper Prawns

If no allergies go for it!

Who to order from

Leo AKA #8

Many times it may be challenging to order from a restaurant with Native Mandarin speakers, however Leo, in particular makes it easy for you at this one. Spot him out among many others. He’s efficient, mindful and fun.


Tommy manages the place and I particularly like how he does it. It takes a lot of patience to run one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in the metropolitan of Chicago. Note to visitors, like in all restos, make sure to give praise and credit to the leaders of the establishment sincerely and emphatically. If this is done here, Tommy is one to reciprocate his appreciation for your acknowledgment. On your second visit, it is likely you will be remembered and you will get Tommy favored service. Priceless!



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