Cleveland OH – Happy Dog

Driving back from NYC to Chicago is long and boring if you don’t check off the following: Comedy Central on your Spotify, Audible for more logical stuff, and dinner at Happy Dog in Cleveland Ohio So,

Happy Dog

5801 Detroit Ave, Cleveland OH

Open 4PM – 2:30AM



Fat Head Bumble-berry



Tater Tots


Choose a ready hotdog recipe from the menu… You’ll have to shade/check each topping off the menu according tothe guide.


Choose one of each topping from each category… Still checking and shading toppings but now according to you spontaneous craving.



Have Wes serve you. He is on top of his game. Asked for a plastic fork to finish my left overs on the drive back. They didn’t have any plastic ones so He have me a real one all wrapped and clean. Now that’s world class customer service!   blogger-image-594736745

Cleveland OH – Happy Dog

Happy Dog

5801 Detroit Ave, Cleveland OH

Open 4PM – 2:30AM


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