Chicago – How To Eat At Purple Pig

Purple Pig
(Michigan and Grand)

So everyone who’s everyone eats here (Purple Pig) cause it’s that’s good but it’s only an experience and only an experience with Colin Jones, a server in particular, no not the manager, the server, who’s got quite a tongue for good food not just at Purple Pig but the whereabouts in Chicago. He’s one of the few with very seasoned culinary experiences….


Say Hello

So be nice and be interesting or just be human towards Colin, because that is the real start of the dining relationship.


Say I’m Thirsty

Have him pick the wine for you… No need for $50-100 bottles, just tell him you want the reasonable priced ones that are outstanding to taste (it’s possible!)…


Say I’m Hungry

Have him pick what HE wants for you to try WITHOUT telling you what he picks till it actually comes to the table. Tell him to keep the dishes coming but him let him know two dishes prior to getting full.. Tell him about any food allergies and restrictions so you don’t end up at Northwestern Hospital.


Say You’re Done

Tell him to pick your dessert… But try not to    miss the Affogato and the Sicilian Iris

Chicago – How To Eat At Purple Pig

The Purple Pig

500 N Michigan, Chicago IL 60611


Hours: 11:00AM- 12:00AM

Tweet Colin at @cojones320


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