Minneapolis MN – Character Breakfast In An Alley

Augh, I couldn’t be more drunk writing this, which means I am passionate about it. Minneapolis brings back many childhood memories, unfortunately none of them actually occurred with me being in Minnesota. I grew up in the Philippines in the 90’s and dreamed of visiting the city after sequels of the Mighty Ducks. OMG I should call this Cheesy Blogger. Nevertheless where I am about to write of hits this puck right into the goal and “cheesy” just falls short of how filling this place is. So It’s in an alley.



Al’s Breakfast opened in 1950 and is the narrowest resto in the city, like 10 feet wide-narrow, and is serving up breakfast till a little afternoon. Almost as long as the feeling of standing in line on an early Sunday morning. However, do plan a day when you are not in a rush even if it isn’t that bad of a wait especially for a Chicagoan. This wait unlike many other diners. It was entertaining and a mind-F&*9. Nontheless entertaining and I would bring friends back over and over… and over.. (am I at my barstool yet??) Let me tell you why it’s the other adjective, the line to your barstool is so where you stand right behind those already seated after their long wait that you are about to endure, enjoying their scrumptious meal. You are literally a foot a way right over their shoulders, you can smell, see and somehow you brain makes you taste the heavenliness of the meal they are working on.


So order their, OJ, their Hashbrowns, their poached eggs, and waffles and with this you can’t go wrong. They paper and pen everything which mean cash and yes… check only. Wanna venture a guess which of those two we paid in? For business owners: it is a busy restaurant with a very time and service efficient system. One server seats, takes orders, serves, closes out, every single customer. Two chefs, possible sous and master, or both sous, or both master make the orders.



Other things I noticed of great mention are, the different names folded up behind the counter, the 90’s stereo system working like a charm, their little dolls, pictures of God knows who (which means I need to travel more) and other knick knacks that are just.. knick knacks.. God it was amazing. However don’t expect too much, the food is just breakfast, a bit greasy for my taste, home cooked in style and the whole place —it is  just 10 feet wide. Priceless.


Al’s Breakfast

413 14th Ave. SE

Minneapolis MN 55414

612 331 9991

Open 6:00AM – 1:00 PM

Minneapolis MN – Character Breakfast In An Alley


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