Los Angeles – The Best Indian Place In the Universe

I was reluctant to advertise this place, as I got sick the first time I had it, rolling in bed, crying at night , almost ruining my Universal Studios Adventure Park day sick. But it was so good, I had to get sick again… and then write about it. Now, let me be very clear when I say sick, it was NOT due to food poisoning or the restaurants hygiene practices. They are A certified in fact. The food here is so authentically Indian that your belly burns for a day or two after. So if you are weak stomached, or can’t afford to be sweating masala flavors throughout the trip… stop reading. But if you live life on the edge, enjoy Indian food, or most importantly call yourself a “foodie” don’t you dare back out of this challenge. Oh and I want to thank my Uncle Raju for bringing me here the first time and saying it will be the only Indian restaurant I will crave for the rest of my life. It is at least one of two (See My Indian Curry House Blog, another hole in the wall but in the Philippines)



Chicken Tandoori: eat with Rice, lemon and onions

Lunch/Dinner Special with Lamb Curry, Chicken Tikka Masala

*Bring Gaviscon and Omeprazole with you for Stomach Upset. Take the Omeprazole prior to meal and Gaviscon after meal.



It’s a grocery store with tables and chairs, bring large groups or go on  a date or eat by yourself. It will still be an adventure when you go and possibly after. Many of my friends were worried of the permeating Indian Food smell inside, most of the time their doors are open and ventilation is good. So that handles that. Prepare to take home Indian groceries. They take Credit Card and there is a parking lot. And I lied this spot is in Torrance… not Los Angeles, but for the traveler’s point of view, Los Angeles.



Thank the owner for me, and apologize at the same time. Or not. I told him I’d have this up that night, but didn’t. I just was busy nursing a stomach ache  from the spicy Indian food my friends and I were gulping down earlier during the day. After the pain and discomfort have passed, I am salivating at the thought of that Tandoori, so have one for me.



All Indian Sweets and Snacks

20916 Hawthorne Blvd. Torrance CA 90503

310 370 5156

11:30AM – 10:00 PM

Los Angeles, CA – Indian Food Heaven or Hell


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